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Chassis Stiffness

Chassis Stiffness or Torsional rigidity means the calculated or measured stiffness of the structure alone. While the installed Stiffness is stiffness measured at the hub faces. Torsion stiffness is an important characteristic in chassis design

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Anti Dive and Anti Squat

Anti Dive describes the amount the front of the vehicle dives under braking. When a car is decelerating due to braking there is a load transfer off the rear wheels and onto the front wheels

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Ground Effect

Let’s demystify the myth around Ground Effect. The 1970s and early 1980s witnessed development in racing technology at a furious pace. Racecar engineers and designers knew that working with airflow around the car can generate

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Coanda effect

Coanda effect is the phenomena in which a jet flow attaches itself to a nearby surface and remains attached even when the surface curves away from the original jet path. The phenomena derive its name

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Aero Devices

Being a motorsport enthusiast as an engineer I was always fascinated with F1 cars or for that matter even Germany’s DTM and Japan’s Super GT cars. Apart from all being insanely fast, aerodynamics is a

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